Putting your equipment to bed

With snow in the forecast most of us have  thought about the snowblower in the corner of the garage with a years worth of dust on it. Will it start? Did it start last year?

We have a few quick tips to make sure the transition from summer to winter, lawn mower to snowblower easier.

First- with the introduction of ethanol in our fuels we have noticed that the shelf life of fuel has dropped dramatically. Our rule of thumb is to consider fuel to only last us 6 weeks. Most OEM will recommend the use of Premium Fuel and we support that. To avoid stale fuel we recommend buying gas in a 5L can as opposed to the traditional 10 or 20L cans like we used to. If you still end up with 6 week old gas kicking around, we encourage people to dispose of their fuel by pouring the gas into the gas tank of your car or van.  Simple, easy and responsible way to get rid of it.

Second- Be Proactive. Use a good quality fuel stabilizer near the end of the season to ensure that the gas in your equipment is ready for the change in seasons if mother nature decides to surprise us. For example, if you start to use stabilizer in Sept. in your lawn mower and snow comes early all you have to do is run the equipment out of fuel or buy an inexpensive siphon to pump out the gas and allow the mower to run itself dry.

If you have purchased some TORO or STIHL Equipment from us we at Markham Mower feel that maintenance is the most important ingredient in having long lasting equipment. All it takes is doing the little things. Check oil, clean your deck, keep blades sharp and use fresh fuel.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please call or come in and see us.