Snowplow Season 2012

Cold mornings, early nights, thanksgiving around the corner, that’s right folks…it’s snowplow time.  Most of us are pulling our plows and salters out of our shops and from the corner of our yards to get prepared for hopefully a snowy winter.

We have begun servicing and installing Western, Fisher & Arctic Snowplows & Salters. We have financing options available to keep important cash flow and revenue in your pocket for long range plans like adding a new piece of equipment or truck to your fleet. Speak with one of our sales staff to get a quote on a comfortable monthly payment.

Maintenance is an important ingredient to a successful season avoiding costly down time, emergency repairs & upset customers. After a few lack luster seasons for volume of snow we are expecting a traditional Canadian Winter.  It is important to make sure all of your equipment is in good working order and has been “worked” prior to needing it. We recommend hooking up your plows and salters and testing the equipments functions. Move the plow up and down, angle it back and forth repeatedly to make sure to work out any cobwebs that maybe lingering from summer idle time. We have OEM Parts and Accessories in stock and will special order parts that are not here and have to you within 2 days.

We have a good selection of KIOTI tractors being prepped for winter with Snowplows and Sanders for sidewalk snowremoval and larger tractors with Hydraulic Wing Plows to be more efficent in larger, more open parking lots. If you currently own a tractor or skid steer for snowremoval and are interesting in upgrading your old pusher to a faster, more productive plow come in and see one of our HLA Plows  or Avalanche Pusher.

Good luck this winter and lets all do the snow dance!!!!!