close up shot of blades of grass

Spring 2014

Spring is here…. well we’re all hoping it’s here SOON! It’s been years since our Toro Snowblowers have seen so much use. For those of us that have a snowblower at home we were the lucky ones. For those that didn’t I’m assuming it’s on the top of everyone’s wish list for Christmas next year.

York Region and Markham especially got hammered by the Ice Storm on December 22nd.  I think we will all be surprised on how much wood is buried beneath the blanket of snow. We have seen a lot of STIHL Chainsaws go out the door in anticipation of cleaning up yards once the warm weather arrives. If you already own a chainsaw we recommend getting a step ahead of the crowd by ensuring the saw is in good working order now. Since the introduction of ethanol in our fuel supply over the last number of years it has forced us all to be more proactive in regards to maintenance of our Outdoor Power Equipment. The small engines that power our OPE have tiny passages that allow fuel to travel through our fuel system. Any fleck of debris, dirt or bad gas can cause hard starting and poor running in this type of equipment. STIHL among most brands are recommending the use of Premium Fuel for use in their equipment. Premium fuel contains less ethanol. then in Regular and ethanol is the enemy. So get your saws running, get some fresh fuel to start the season off right!

Our lawn and garden will be showing signs of spring any day now. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to fire up my Toro Mower and cut some grass. Again, lets think ahead and get our mowers out of the shed and see if they’ll fire up and run well for the year. We strongly recommend servicing your mowers every few years to keep it running to it’s potential. A sharp blade and finely tuned engine will ensure a better quality of cut and  a healthier and less weed filled lawn. The weeds will have a harder time breaking through the surface of a strong, healthy lawn. The thicker and greener your lawn is the healthier and less prone to weeds it will be. For the weeds that do rear their ugly head we have started selling Horticultural Vinegar. This is an environmental friendly solution to Round-Up previously used to kill weeds in your driveways, interlock patios and lawn. What the vinegar does is strips the plant of its enamel and allows the sun to bake / kill the weed